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Earn up to 12.5% ​​APR on Digital Assets

Increase your digital treasury holdings.

A new approach to payments

Make your purchases without selling your digital assets

DeFi for Payments

Buy Now, Pay Later with Your Earnings in Digital Assets

We provide a line of credit financed by your investment account.​ You can earn up to 100% cashback. Depending on the amount of digital assets in your balance and how long it is held.

Integrating Traditional Payments with Blockchain

Our Fintech Marketplace integrates the benefits provided by blockchain technology into traditional payments. Choose your preferred cashout method: ATMs, debit cards and/or e-wallets.

Our Vision of the Future of Money: Multisig and DeFi

Soon you will be able to use our Multisig service to hold your assets and take advantage of the best DeFi products. Our AI will guide you, based on market data, consumer preferences and desired risk level.

Bithan B2B: Global business just got easier

Manage your treasury, accounts payables and accounts receivables with our blockchain solutions to maximize cost efficiency, while providing embedded finance solutions for your local and international payments.

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